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While we can’t promise you’ll get everything you always wanted for your birthday,
throwing a memorable birthday party with is easy!
We believe that every birthday is an opportunity to celebrate someone’s life in a way that is as unique as the guest of honor.
So whether you are planning a celebration for yourself or someone you love,
trust an expert with experience planning a birthday party the way you want it! specializes in planning birthday parties that are as unique as you!
(We also specializes in corporate events, weddings, reunions, bachelor/ette parties & more)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : How much does it cost to celebrate my birthday?
A : We offer a wide variety of services whether you want everything for free or are planning the ultimate extravaganza!

Q : What kind of services are available for my birthday party?
A : Services include: Balloons – because you always liked them as a child
Cakes – Whether you want to blow out candles or not, a cake reminds you how sweet it is to celebrate your birthday.
Nightclub Bottle Specials – You’ve got lots of guests, so why split up your group for trips to the bar?
Nightclub Guestlists – If you want to celebrate your birthday at a nightclub, you will need to get on the VIP List for that venue
Open Bar Events – When you don’t want your guests to have to reach for their wallets.
Limousines & Party Buses – because you need to arrive in style!
Entertainers – A personal magic show? A special serenade? Strippers?
Catering Service – We’ll find you the best deal in town!

  Our Birthday Planning Services is Absolutely FREE!

Q : How far in advance should I start planning my birthday?
A : It is never too soon to start planning your event!
The earlier you start planning your birthday, the more time you will have to design the birthday party you want!

Q : How do I choose a venue?
A : We help our clients select venues based on current events around town,
individual preferences for fashion, music, location, social scene, and the client’s budget.

Q : What day should I choose to celebrate my birthday?
A : It doesn’t matter what day you choose, but a little flexibility can go a long way in planning an event that fits your unique style. plans hundreds of birthday parties every year!  Simple or extravagant, we will create an experience that you will cherish as much as your birthday.

How do I get started?"
Email us:
Phone: 510.472.2029

You will be contacted by a Birthday Party Expert for FREE
What type of music do you and your guests like?
Would you like a Straight, LBGT or Lounge/Club party?
What's the date of your party?
What time would you like your party to start?
Are your guests mainly male or females?
How many will be attending?
Would you like a large, medium, or small nightclub or lounge?
What type of dress code would you like?



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